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I had half an hour to kill today, and being the uber-geek that I am instead of doing something wonderful in New Zealand I played on Chrome. I know, you're ashamed of me. Me too, to be honest.


It plays on the Apple like theme of having no unused space, no outlines, menu bars etc etc.


I can't decide. For now it's just a gimmick, but Google do what Google do and I can't help but feel a year from now it'll be up there with IE and Firefox might just fall by the wayside, into the Opera territory of has been alternate browsers.


It has an 'Incognito' mode - for all those people who share the PC with the Mrs too, but if you close the last tab it closes the whole thing which is really annoying... but then I've not really kept up to speed with Tech. ongoings, so I might be talking balls... one thing's for sure though - it's fast as hell! Makes IE look like a dead duck and even FF looks a bit sluggish.





Ps, it's here:


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I don't like the separate .exe tab for each session, I've read a few dev reviews recently - and a significant one from Webuser - and they're all bleating on about this "feature" being crash friendly. If my FF 2.xxx goes down, I start it up again almost straight away and restore sessions. <_<


I could moan about the other bits in Chrome as well.


There's nothing with Chrome that will move me away from FF2 at the moment. I figure one day Firefox and Chrome will probably merge as Google invest in Mozilla developments, I reckon that'll be how it'll pan out eventually...

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Guest sheridans_world

I downloaded chrome over the weekend.


Looks like a more user-friendly browser, especially since it doesnt have three and a half million buttons like IE.


Favourite feature, type in the address bar and it returns possible results as you type.

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