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Welcome to the Europa League!

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UEFA Cup - now Europa League


Honestly - what is this tosh? Lets continue to see some european pub teams playing the 7th placed team in scotland, and the winners of the european fair play league playing each other twice... until the nice drop in of the big boys from the chumps league and all the sponsors have chufties over the extra revenue...


I could just about cope with it as the UEFA cup as at least it tried to link itself with the past in some respect... but the 'Europa League' - dont make me laugh.... might aswell just have the top 10 teams from every division playing in the Champions league and get it over with...

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What was wrong with the way it was back in the day, the Champions of each league (and whoever won the cup the year before) were in the European cup, the cup winners were in the cup winner's cup and those who won either the second cup competition or finished in the top so many of each league were in the Uefa cup. Ties were played on a two-legged (home and away) knock-out basis with a final usually somewhere neutral (although the Uefa cup still had two legged finals which had its downsides). Oh right it meant Man U, Juve, AC, Barca, Real, Bayern et al. had to win something to get any sponsorship and extra cash and they might be victims of a cup upset. This is a farce, and it devalues the competitions past great teams. Why don't Uefa just ask for a bunch of cash off the TV companies and let most of the teams in each of the big European leagues play games against each other in a random manner. This sums up what's wrong with football today and I hope it all goes tits up.

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