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BBC Match Preview

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Huddersfield are without the suspended Sean Gregan but fit-again defender Stefan Stam is set to step in.


Kieran pulled a hamstring in midweek and will be sidelined for a further three weeks but striker Craig Davies could be ready to return.


Huddersfield's Chris Lucketti and Andy Booth will have late fitness tests but Danny Cadamarteri is out.


Luke Beckett, Phil Jevons or Keigan Parker are in line to start alongside on-loan Derby forward Liam Dickinson.


Would anybody like to hazzard a guess at who wrote this??? Its possibly the most inacurate preview i have ever read.

And they wonder why people moan when the license fee goes up

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I know it shouldn't wind me up but it did.


Won't do any good but I have just submitted the following to the BBC:


I am aware that as a supporter of a lower league football club, I cannot expect extensive coverage of my team but the BBC coverage on the website this season has been poorer than ever.


I am a supporter of Oldham Athletic and barely a week has gone by without the match review on the BBC website looking as if it was written by someone who did not attend the game with very basic factual errors.


I have felt the need to finally put my thoughts in writing to you today after reading the preview of our game with Huddersfield today which has followed the trend I refer to.


The article is factually incorrect with a reference to Sean Gregan missing the game for Huddersfield. Sean Gregan is the captain of Oldham. The article also refers to an injury for 'Keiran'. I assume that this refers to Keiran Lee but I'm not too sure.


I don't expect us to get legthy articles but I do expect a reasonable level of accuracy.


There are plenty of experts on lower league football who could be employed by the BBC to provide these articles.


I couldn't imagine an article being published that referred to 'Chelsea striker Christiano Ronaldo' and would expect the same level of accuracy and review to take place with your lower league coverage.





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