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Scholes signs new contract

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2010 makes him 35 which is same age as Lids, Greegs and a few years younger than norm.


I don't really care if he'll be the same age as lidds or Greegs. Hopefully next season we'll be in a league thats above all of them at that age. It's a double edged sword for the likes of Lidds really, get us promotion and lose ya place at the club! But that's what being professional is all about.

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It originated from an off the cuff comment made by Sir Alex Ferguson many years ago, when he (half jokingly I always assumed) said the only club Scholes was ever likely to leave Old Trafford for was Oldham.


Far too many people have coupled that comment with Scholes' support of Oldham and invented a story that never really was.



Besides, this news does not make any potential move less likely. If it gets to January next season and Scholes isn't catching the United first team, and if we're in the Championship, who's to say he won't join us on loan for the rest of the season?


(Just to keep the dreamers' hopes up, you understand. :wink: )

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