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that the crowd whilst not fantastic remained on the upward numbers of the downward trend last season. It will be bumper against Leicester now.


looking forward to attending the leicster game...almost went yesterday but my daughter threw a strop so ended up at the park.lol


hereford were never going to bring a big crowd,so 334 isnt too bad from them,,,meaning we had just over 5,100 tics there.


i think the last 3 games have made the stayaways decide to wait a while longer before returning,stockport definately didnt help,i think had we beaten them then maybe we would have seen nearer 6k yesterday.....and would make for a good crowd against leicster.


think the club are still missing a trick by not having a ten game ticket available,as if a few people turn up and see a good display a few times there more likely to say ok,ill get a 10 game tickeet now things seem to have improved.....

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The crowd was enhanced by Greedy League fans turning out on a beautiful day to watch a team with an attacking reputation, just like used to happen in the Royle days. In the Chaddy I noticed a bloke wearing a WBA shirt and two young kids wearing ManUre shirts. Their money is as good as ours and much better than that of the Oldham stayaways.

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