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Just got back

Guest sheridans_world

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Guest sheridans_world

Its a far shorter journey than the rest of you!! No feelings about tonight, very average performance, they had two chances and scored both.


Firmly believe that if we had scored first we'd have won easy!

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firmly believe if we had scored the open net/tap in at the start of the second half we would have got something out of the game...


one of those games... no-one really played badly, we just were up against a team that defended well, and we coulnt break them down...


Thought we were over that problem... oh well... got to win on saturday now.. otherwise..... oh dear...


Friggin hate bristol... :wink:

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We didn't deserve to win tonight and as a whole I was disappointed with the performance after such high expectations from the opinions of others and our league position.


First goal was Crossley's fault & he should have pushed it away easily but the defence and midfield just backed off to the edge of the box and let Lambert shoot! :shock: 2nd goal was a well worked corner flicked on at the near post & finished off at the far. Take note Shez: plan our corners and we'll be dangerous from them like they were tonight.


Before and after the goals they sat back and let us pass the ball around to our hearts content (which we did very well) and hit us on the break on the odd occasion but we rarely penetrated their penalty box and even when the quality of the crossing from wide got better towards the end they dealt with it well. Our two main chances were from Taylor in the first half having his shot tipped over comfortably and a Hazell header in the 2nd which he should've buried. Anyway, how the players did:


Crossley - had two fairly straight forward shots to save, one he parried wide the other he parried into the net. Poor tonight.


Lomax - solid but nothing special.

Gregan - dominant, MOTM for us.

Hazell - defended well, a few poor misplaced passes though.

Jones - very disappointed by him defensively, looked very timid and didn't use his height and strength like he should have done. Looked more dangerous going forward but tbh I expected more.


Smalley - very energetic and much improved from last year but still has work to do on the consistency of his crosses, I would like to see him start on Saturday if possible.

Allott - not the best of games but not bad. Passed well but not much else.

Whitaker - wasn't allowed into the game by the Rovers until late on. Similar to Allott really, found space outside the box and passed well but didn't hurt them at all.

Taylor - our most dangerous threat going forward but just didn't get the breaks tonight, much improved from last year ala Smalley.


Hughes - their defence did a good job on him and did well with the scraps he got but he had way too many balls aimed at his head rather than his feet.

Ormerod - surprised. Not as tall as I thought he'd be and had a very poor first touch but is quicker than I expected and worked very hard for the team. Didn't look dangerous though.


Alessandra - looked bright when he came on and held the ball up well but he didn't make a major impact.

Davies - didn't have time to do much, but from past experience of him I struggle to see how he'll fit into our style of play. Others seem better suited.


There was enough there tonight to give me confidence about beating Swindon but if we are that blunt going forwards then the best we can hope for is a point.


See you on Saturday!


Keep The Faith

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