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Orient Away


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Guest amoweb
Does anybody know if there are any pubs near the round and also if there are any or away fans????????



The word on here and on JKL is that the Coach And Horses near the ground is looking good for our meeting place, i shall be heading there with my mob (8 at the last count), not sure what the "Willson" Mob is planning. Also the Oasis crew are heading there as well.

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Well thats a subject thats close to my heart!!!! Indeed there is and the landlord a very nice chap .... expect a good days drinking in his pub before the game especially as he's Irish and its paddy's day :drinking45::Ireland::Ireland::Ireland:


Come out of Leyton tube, cross over, turn right (past TKMax) and follow the main road for about ten miutes. Its on the corner just past the ground on the main road .... its name .... Coach and Horses!!! But be warned I have first dabs on the Aussie with the big (sorry forgot this is a family show) who works behind the bar!

I usually pop in a one or two when I get back after games (open til one).







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I'll be in the Coach & Horses :drinking45: with Mrs. Sideburns (who may be wearing a Taylor's 1st goal teeshirt), oafc_ok and Azulmarino, who's making the trip from Spain :speakenglish: :gathering2: . I'd be glad to meet other posters off here and JKL - I'll be the one wearing the 'Different Class' teeshirt. :bluearmy: This could be the day when I finally meet Exile. :exile:

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