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walsall bitter

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He is a controversial striker. Theyve not said anything out of turn (God Im agreeing with one of SC's posts) ;)


Another in agreement.


Lee Hughes will always be classed as a controversial striker by the media in general. And when you are away from home and concede a laste winner "denied a share of the points" is fairly standard match report stuff.

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there match report 1st paragraph states walsall were "denied a share of the spoils after a winner from controversial striker lee hughes." But aparantly the saddlers were the 1st team to offer him a contract, pricks


I wish I had remembered that last night. Whilst walking back to the car as I passed by their coaches there was an old fella walking alone wearing their colours. Feeling sorry for him I said "hard luck mate, safe journey back", he thanked me but then the coach driver, fag in mouth, piped up "Did Lee Hughes score?", I proudly informed him Hughesy had scored twice, including the late winner, to which he responded "f*****g scummy manc bastards" with the most hate and venom I think I have ever known. Fortunately for him I value being welcome at BP. Had it not been so cold I would have shown him my arse.

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