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Honda F1 Up For Sale

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Honda is pulling out of Formula One, blaming the world economic crisis for plans to sell its team.


Sources told BBC Sport the team were "optimistic" they would continue, but an investor had not yet been found.


>> BBC NEWS <<


Not really interested in F1, but this is post worthy I think. 800 jobs in Northants to go as a result of the decision, and Honda spend £300m a year on F1 alone, bloody hell!!!


EDIT: And you can buy it all for a quid! (as long as you can cover the debt, and maintain the £200-300m spending)

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F1 now, Premiership football teams next. Look at West Ham - gone from being something the Icelandic dudes were putting their cash into to being their main surviving asset. You are looking at dodgy Russians or Middle Eastern royalty if you need someone to blow hundreds of millions on a toy these days.

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