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What a great performance from the lads tonight. Really gave it their all and some of the lads were struggling fitness wise when they went 2-1 up but we battled back and almost got the replay.


Even the a Geordie told me our injury time equaliser was onside but they had a definite penalty turned down so fair enough.


Lots of effort, lots of skill, some pretty tough tackles (Rowney especially) and some rubbish referreeing all for 3 quid. First team might not be seeing me for a while (tongue in cheek).


The future's bright.

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I'll give a slightly less brilliant report.


Don't get me wrong, it was great to watch and lalalajpkalala may have spotted us to the right.


But, they should have actually have had four penalties. And were very, very good - especially their number two.


A great battling peformance - but a three or four goal margine would have been a bit fairer in my view. They were good though.

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Okay so first half the two teams seemed of a completely different calibre but for 30 minutes after half time we were the better team. Passed it better, played with confidence, dealt with their big lads better.


Personally, i thought all of their players were excellent and injury/lack of desire permitting will all make a living in the game. Some of them could do a job for us now - I'm sure Shez will be having a beer with Kinnear as we speak re Jan.


But some of ours were equally impressive once the nerves settled and even some of their fans passed comment on how impressive we were and how much easier they thought it would be. They all did themselves and the club proud.


Oh, and I always thought BP was the coldest place on earth. How wrong I was.

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