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In Monday's Guardian there was a column on how modern fans are abusive and over emote at mistakes! Here it is. or at least the main parts of it. Given the reaction both at BP and on here at times, I thnk it rings true.....


"What to do if one of your team's players misplaces a pass

Scramble in pockets for ticket. Look at price. Ratchet up despair so you resemble a figure in an Edvard Munch painting. Swear. Boo . Hiss.


A header goes astray

Stamp feet. Bellow personal abuse.


Fails to win tackle

Find season ticket. Set fire to it while yelling "That's it. You've had your last penny out of me".


Corner does not clear first defender

Turn into profane Victor Meldrew. Accuse player and all his family of being muppets"


Anger management skills required for many of the abuse hurlers?

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This did yesterday in the Chron


IT isn’t a name Athletic fans will be familiar with, but Argentine Joaquin Medinilla had a spell on trial at Boundary Park earlier this season.


The left-sided midfielder failed to land a contract and is currently on the staff at Coca-Cola League Two side Macclesfield Town.


Medinilla is a chaperone for Manchester City’s recent signing Pablo Zabaleta.


The pair are big buddies from their playing days in Argentina, where Medinilla played for Independiente and Zabaleta for San Lorenzo.


And as Medinilla had studied English at university, it was decided that he should accompany Zabaleta, who does not have a good grasp of our language, to help him settle in.


A chaperone eh? This Moussa bloke we had.......

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latics pete your spot on there mate,i dont know about consistency being the main word at the mo more like patience were doing great if were all honest.all i can say is im not in the group who when we win are saying were superb an when we get beat then its all over for us,they crave consistency but thats the very thing they lack

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