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England vs India

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Anyone been watching?? currently 316 all out in our first innings with india now on 155-6 at the end of the 2nd day. Very good knock from Strauss (129) especially considering he's not played any first class criket for a while. I think were looking in a fairly good position to win the test at the moment, lets hope we dont mess it up like we can do. :D

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we may get a draw then


Yep, we invariably skittle sides out first time out then struggle with both bat and ball in the second innings. Not over by a long shot this and what makes test cricket so intriguing. The three wickets after tea have put the cat amongst the pigeons, but as I say, long, long way to go and add shower or two has been forecast. Sooner we break up the Dhoni and Harbhajan partnership in the morning the better, the longer they stick around will see our lfirst innings lead being eaten into.

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Aye, i was reading on the bbc blog guy's page (forget his name) and he was reckoning to hopefully have a 100 run lead or so once we bowl them out which will put us in a stronger postion (gotta break up that partnership of Dhoni and Harbajan first as already mentioned), and then that they wouldnt relish chasing down a target in excess of 220 which id have to agree with, what with the pitch deterioating and all. Lets hope the weather holds and we continue playing well.


Hopefully the 1st test is ours and draw the series at least :)

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We should go on to win this game now.


Over to Monty to bowl them out!

I just hope we can bat through to the middle of the 4th days 2nd session, resting Freddie is crucial to this game now, he has been devastating, they dont like it up em- they all appear vulnerable to the short pitched ball something they dont get in the one day game.

The worrying thing is the pitch looks ok, may be a few quick singles up and down the middle will help rough it up. Another 150 should see the game safe, ideally Dhoni needs a good peppering on the fingers.

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