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haha it gets so bad...

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have ronnie moore please, hes far better...

please please, bring in john sheridan quick! everyone can see from last season he is able to motivate his players, get the most out his team and if nothing else killa will get under his gudlines once again !! he also plays what i believe is excellent football!


please make me a happy man



hahahah...oh how a few wins changes peoples opinions......if they paid us 5 million in compa fair enuff.lol

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Give macca 6 weeks when beckfords back if its still not happening get Alan Pardew or John Sheriden in !


I'm one of the minority who want Macca in (for now), but if he were to go I'd like to see a pitch made for Sheridan.



Job Done


good choice done quite a good job at oldham


Should have taken over after that Little :censored: gave us the "v" sign at southend


Sheridan as manager. Resign Danny Mills & David Healy. Bring Mark Tyler (unwanted at Peterborough) in to keep goal. Danny Livesey (Carlisle) & Michael Raynes (Stockport) in in the centre halves. Recall Kandol & Johnson, get rid of Kilkenny.
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