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Danny Wilson leaves Hartlepool

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Guest sheridans_world

Strange, he hasnt won a league game for six matches, drawing three, all four games before that Hartlepool won.



The wording on that story is strange 'there will be no further comment from the club'.


Management rift? :grin:

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Something smells rotten here (and no I'm not talking about the chemical works). Danny Wilson was doing OK at Pool, it could be he's leaving to go somewhere higher (not that likely) or he's fallen out with his superiors, (which seems quite likely). I wouldn't mind betting there has been an incident at a xmas party. One thing is for sure I can't see him leaving on performance based grounds (its not like Hartlepool were expected to walk this league unlike some other teams I could mention)

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Heard he didn't want to bring certain personnel back to the club.


The keeper with the long name, Darryl Duffy and Adam Boyd were all targets he refused to bring in during the summer. Seems odd to let him go now but transfer time is almost upon us.


I'd expect a couple of those mentioned to reappear at Hartlepool.


There were a couple of resignations a few weeks back too in the management setup. Maybe had something to do with it as well.

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