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A way to combat Latics.

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Stop Taylor, you stop us.


I am dreading his January departure.


If we can get a million or more then it might not be as bad as your making out!


Taylor is a very good player but we do rely on him far too much and most of our threat has to go through him, and as you say, stop Taylor and you stop Oldham.


If Shez has a little bit of the money we get to strengthen, and we got the right players in, who knows it might just give us a lift at the right time.

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I say it every week Paddy. We're too predictable. It was the same at Peterborough. They doubled up on Taylor in the 1st half and he was quiet. 2nd half they backed off him and he ran the game.


There is no-one bar Taylor who creates anything for us of note. Taylor or no Taylor. We need this mystery attacking midfielder Shez said all summer we'd be bringing in or we wont be doing cock all this season.

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