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leroy lita

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just said on the itv soccer show that he is expected to leave norwich for about 300,000


would be a decent buy if we sell hughes.


You aren't serious? Are you!!??


No chance in hell... Lita is a proven championship/premiership goalscorer... i'd love to see him at BP but that would only happen if we firstly got promoted, and then suddenly got considerably richer.... He will go to the championship... or possiblly a Leeds or leicester (also on the horizon could be Peterboro - with Barry Fry saying he has agreed a deal for an ex-premiership/championship striker)


Unfortunately, we aint in that ball-game... what it does say however is that if Lita is worth £300k, we are going to be seriously lucky to get any more than that for Hughes...

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it would seem he's rejected a moved to sheff utd...

it could be on y'know! :laught30:


yes he has rejected sheff united....so with not much class strikers there is hughes gonna be considered???


think there was a rumour flying round last week if beattie goes then they will come in for hughes....maybe wrong though....

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lol some people are on a different planet! he'd be more than a decent buy but its just not plausable.

i've heard Kaka is in talks which a north west club, maybe he'd be a decent replacement for if Hughes goes!

Kaka to City is as amusing as peoples suggestions that Lita or Beattie would come here!!! Honestly!

2 bids for Bellamy one week, Scott Parker.then.....Kaka?!?!?!? :laught16::laught16::laught16::crackpot:

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