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vista download problem..

johnny punkster

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trying to sort out my young lads laptop..his AVG was out of date(he doesn't use it much for t'internet),so clicked on it to update it...nothing.

thinking there was a program problem,i deleted it then set out to download it again...won't allow it as its not a compatable program.

so..i try to download ZA free...lets me run then up pops a warning box:


incompatible OS detected

this checkpoint product is not compatible with windows vista operating system.

the insalation will now stop


next,another box pops up,asking to reinstall the program using a recomended windows program...then nothing.????


so..anyone know whats happening?

may i add i know next to zero about vista .

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Guest sheridans_world

Dont know, might be a broken download. Have you tried downloading off this page? Its on the far right hand side. Try deleting the original download and re-downloading it.


If that still doesnt work then I'd suggest getting the latest version off here and then running an update on the software.


Hopefully that should sort it out.


Unfortunatley, I'm in the same boat as you, although I use vista at home, I dont use it enough to know it like the back of my hand...yet. Microsoft have made a lot of changes to vista, not necessarily with the way it works but with the interface. I find it hard work using offcie 2007 at home as I'm still on 2003 at work.

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