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An official, Eddie Cox, died last week.


Good tournament so far. Glad to see Part out early, though Manley's exit is a loss to the competition. Love him or hate him, he's quite an entertaining performer.


Hopefully there'll be a few more upsets to come...would like someone like Suljovic to go to at least a semi final. Seems a likeable guy, unlike Kirk Shepherd (already out) last year who was just downright annoying.


I'm tipping Hamilton to win it, although as ever, it's Taylor's or Barney's to lose.

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Been with the grandkiids to the Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs pantomime in Stoke-on-Trent this afternoon. The Spirit of the Magic Mirror, responding to questions such as "Who is the fairest of them all?" was local hero Phil The Power' Taylor.


Only five dwarfs appeared on stage and after a few minutes of singing, another local hero Jonathan Wilkes came on stage to announce that the other two dwarfs were stuck in the lift backstage. So we had an unscheduled intermission of about ten minutes until they could be released. Ho Ho Ho! :grin:


P.S. Hope this isn't an omen for two going missing up front at Crewe in the pantomime season. Instead hoping for a 5-2 victory in the season to be jolly!

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The premier league darts at the M.E.N is March 12th next year.


I went last year on Valentines day,well worth the silent treatment for a week,Quality night out!!!!


oafc_ok, Latics And England and me self had a belting night out at this last year - and we'll be there again.


Barney to win the worlds with any luck.

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