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help to keep last of the summer wine on tv


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more trouble hits Last of the Summer Wine

Today at 11:04pm

Ive been asked by the Summer Wine Appreciation Society to forward this to all members of the Last of the Summer Wine page and ask for your support.




It would appear that there is to be no new series of the programme, according to recent reports in the papers.


The Summer Wine Appreciation Society would like you all to write to the BBC and try to get them to reconsider this rash decision to axe our favourite programme.


We all want to see more series and now is your chance to write to the BBC making your feelings known.


Please be polite but firm in your reasons for expressing that you want the series to continue, and lets all make a determined effort to rally round and save the programme.




Clive Eardley


President of the Summer Wine Appreciation Society and the committee



Address your letters to


Director General of the BBC


Mark Thompson


BBC Television Centre


Wood Lane




W12, 7RJ


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this is a situation aere you would not be able to replace one of the main cheracters with another actor ori n this case acress Kathy staff mmade the character of noraBatty her own and would not be the same if they tried to do that, think the way forward would be to create a brand new character

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