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if a dcent referee hsd been looking s=thi site there would have been loads of yellow abnd red cards hsnded out to some of the unconstructive commentsdshould be loked at by the excellnt guys tat control it should be appointred to hand them out


yes its all about opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs but 99.99999999% of the time it not even constructive it just toal bollocks,just like my typin :grin:

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what do you need ?


Sorry ops dont follow ?

well it like this Ritch, i go to games home and away then i go in the pub for a few or maybe a lot, then i may form my opinion of the days game.Sometimes i may post it on here if im not as pissed as i am now,but most of the time i dont bother because to be honest it counts for nothing,the only thing that counts is the managers results at 5 on a saturday.And no matter what we scream or shout on here it means nothing never has never will.So this board only serves to frustrate me so i`d like the oppertunity to delete myself from the board ta.or at least have the option


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Theres a delete option available to all members - hidden on top of the 'login' button... It's a little known fact. But not clicking it will prevent you from accessing OWTB as you wish.


On the other hand, if your hangover is not too bad hopefully tomorrow will see you feeling differently.


All the best,


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