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Today's Referee

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Darren Deadman last took charge of Latics in the 1-1 draw at Scunthorpe. Anybody got any memories of his performance in that game? Think he flashed the yellow a lot and sent off two Scunny players!





Stockport seemed a tad unhappy with him earlier this season:




(calling the police for what happens on a football pitch isn't my kinda thing, but I've not seen what upset them).



He was also the ref for their play-off against Wycombe (away) when I remember Sky running a half time montage on how Wycombe had targeted Liam Dickinson for a bit of the rough stuff!



Soccerbase stats for those who care:








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Yep. He sent two scunny players off. I dont think there fans will ever forgive him for that game, even though they were a bunch of dirty............that day.


He's also been suspended for 2 games in the past for failing to correctly apply the laws of the game.

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noticed that yesteday..

hes an average already this season of 3.5 yellows a game,so expect more of the same.

at the scunt game,he was really poor,even though he did send 2 of theirs off...if he had nipped the niggling and dirty stuff earlier on he would have had an easier afternoon.

he made it hard for himself by pretty much showing a red card as his first one after it was already out of hand.


it's going to be another one of those days i fear.

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Deco got a second booking for Chelsea in Europe for taking a quick free kick - so I suppose there is a rule somewhere.


The irony is that he'd allowed Carlisle a quick free kick a couple of minutes earlier.



Can't believe the foul on Taylor just before half time didn't warrant a yellow - the ball was 10 yards away ffs!

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Agreed. With the exception of the Maher booking I generally didn't notice the ref - always a good sign.


In fact he / his linesmen missed a few shoves by Hughes that could/should have been given as fouls.


Re: the booking. Only reason I could think of, is Maher asked can I take it quick and the ref said no wait for the whistle (because Carlisle had already started forming the wall) and he still took it before the whistle - therefore a direct failure to obey the officials instructions.



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