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As nil-nil draws go I thought that was a decent game of football and a fairly good (if not matchwinning) display.


The end of the season is a long way off - automatic promotion is still there to be had.


i have to agree, i thought we where ok today just couldnt break them down.


draw your home games win your away games get you in the playoffs :grin:


thought maher was very good today, we seemed to lose a bit when he went off

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what a boring game so negative



Go on, explain it. Or does that sum up your ability to analyse a game of football?


19 corners to 0

11 shots on target to 3

and 8 to 5 off target.


Negative? You're like a damn yank who wants to see double figure goals every week. No goals = boring game - yeah right.

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Guest sheridans_world

Does anyone remember a few seasons ago, the league wanted to bring in penalty shoot-outs at the end of 'boring' 0-0 draws to encourage teams to attack more and win during the 90.


Todays, wasnt a boring 0-0 draw.

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It was not a boring game, nor was it negative.

thats our first 0-0 of the season - it just wasnt our day, and if their keeper was 3 inches smaller we wouldve scored 10.


Three home games on the bounce where we've failed to score from anywhere but the penalty spot.




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Guest sheridans_world
7 league matches unbeaten

8 actually!


Northampton W

Southend W

Walsall W

Brighton D

Peterborough D

Orient D

Crewe W

Carlisle D


Like I said somewhere else, promotion form, win a game draw a game!

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Put it this way i brought 3 fans who havent been this season at home as they live away and all thought it was a good game of football

There's been many, many worse served up that's for sure. Carlisle are a decent side, with some good footballers, who defended very well. I thought we dominated for the main, without creating many clear chances. They are a better side than their position suggests and I'd be very surprised if they're involved in fighting relegation.

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0-0 enough said



Well, you've confirmed it. Your ability to analyse a football match begins and ends with the scoreline. So, a 3-0 victory with 3 own goals scored by a defender in his own penalty box with no oppostition players in the same half, all scored in the first 90 seconds, followed by 88.5 minutes where the ball never gets into either penalty box and goes out for a throw due to inept passing every 10 seconds would be a better game?


You're not worth the electrons your comments use.

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the frustrating thing is that latics haven't had a convincing win at home since scunthorpe..ok we beat wallsall,but hardly convincing.

so since start of nov...1 home wins in 6 attempts.

the TTA won't be liking that statistic one bit...why?

because the more fickle oldham public won't return to BP if we arn't winning-simple as.

oldham athletic rely on home attendances and associated revenues...if our home form is lousy,the floaters won't come.

it may be football to us,but to TTA revenue plays as much a major part.

our away form is excellent,i just wish things could change.


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