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A balanced view

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On the plus side


I thought our support was tremendous today. Fans got behind players from start to finish. And as for the 6200 attendance, I honestly thought we would be lucky to break 4500 today so was very impressed with over 5000 tics making the effort. And although we didnt win the game, come what may we will still be at least 6th come 4.45 today.




Kieran Lee: I think someone else hit the nail on the head when they said he is a central midfielder slotting in right midfield. I think this lad has a nice touch, good vision, and was one of the few players who looked like they could make a forward pass to a blue shirt today. Would love to see him given a go in centre mid


Neal Eardley: Wasnt his best game in a blue shirt today, but I think it wuld help his game tremendously if he had a natutal right winger in front of him in his prime.


Andy Liddell: Pains me to say it but I think its time to give smalley a good run on the right wing.


Byfield: If this lad had Alan Shearers right foot instead of Jermaine Johnson's we would be onto a bloody winner.


Shez: Think he got one or two things wrong today. Just my opinion, but again as was said in a previous post, too many like for like subs, I would have brought on ogrady over allesandra, and brought off Allott, not Maher, whom I dont think misplaced a pass all game?


Final thoughts, still in solid contention for a playoff place, but if we want any chance of automatic promotion we need to be turning the 0-0's into 1-0 wins, especially at home. And with what looks like leeds hitting form at the right time, too many of these could see them overtake us if we are not careful.


Now bring on udders and the monkey hangers

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Steady. Other than the O'Grady thing I agree with every word.


And clearly it would have worked the same/better than LA did.


I said that on the basis that Allesandra isnt really all that different from byfield, as in a bit of pace, quick feet (and lwi can choot a bit better), chris 'the brick' ogrady would have offered us something different

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