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New Year Resolutions


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I resolve to be less pedantic on here in the New Year.


However, in the spirit of learning something every day on here, may I ask those of you to whom it applies, to stop typing "should of" when you mean "should've" which is the short form of "should have".


"Should of" has become commonplace when speaking too, even on the radio e.g. Ian Wright, but it is wrong - look at it, it doesn't make sense!


Putting apostrophes in the correct place woud be a bonus, but realistically if we can get rid of the "should of" error, it will make this message board worthwhile. Replace the red with tangerine or blue - you know it makes sense!! :D

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Ian Wright's speaking skills are very poor...he made me laugh the other week....he always says ''well, in respect of.....'' and a few weeks ago he was on talksport discussing the ' respect for referees ' issue...he said '' in respect of the respect you've got to respect that respect...''. I suppose you had to be there



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