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MOTM Vs. Huddersfield

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MOTM Vs. Huddersfield  

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  1. 1. Who gets your vote?

    • Greg Fleming
    • Neal Eardley
    • Sean Gregan
    • Reuben Hazell
    • Kelvin Lomax
    • Mark Allott
    • Danny Whitaker
    • Kevin Maher
    • Chris Taylor
    • Lee Hughes
    • Darren Byfield
    • Andy Liddell
    • Craig Davies

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Considering our difficulties in midfield against Huddersfield at home, I thought sacrificing a wide man for Whitaker to bolster our middle 4 was a sound tactical decision by Shez. It didn't work though. There is a case for playing a 4-5-1 or a 4-2-3-1. If we do, we have to absolutely make sure that the front 1 is not merely the recipient of hoof merchant service.


As for yesterday's game, here are my thoughts player by player.


FLEMING - Made some great saves, showed good positional sense and wanted to come and get it. Distribution has improved a little but still prone to the aimless punt down the middle.


EARDLEY - I though he was okay, but took my eye off him on their goal. He seemed in control of a situation and next thing they were clean through. Wtf happened?


LOMAX - sorry Kelvin, but you were woeful. Never looked like you could anticipate what was coming, even though it was obvious. Thank the lord that Hudds had no idea what to do with the ball once they'd got a cross in.


GREGAN - immense, but how many times should he have to mop up the mess made by others in a game. Only MOTM for me because of other people's failings. Did his job. And did it bloody well.


HAZELL - very similar to Gregan, although less to do because Eardley had a better game than Lomax.


WHITAKER - although I understood why he played, he didn't really deliver. Although I understand why Maher came off instead of Whitaker (more likely to score), Maher is a far better footballer. Not good enough.


MAHER - I thought he had a decent game, held the ball, did look to get it forwards more and rarely lost possession. I would look to accommodate him more as the season progresses.


ALLOTT - similar to Maher. The middle two don't seem to be the problem to me. What a superb goal. Looked even better on SkySportsNews.


TAYLOR - something on your mind Chris? Didn't want to be there. Didn't want the ball. Did naff all when he got it. I would criticise Lomax for his lack of supporting/overlapping play, but that was possibly Chris Taylor's worst game for the club.


HUGHES - did little, missed a great chance late on, but the service never came to him from the middle 4. Made the runs, but was well marshalled.


BYFIELD - showed some really nice touches and also a lot of pace chasing back. Seems like a player who has to create it all for himself.


DAVIES - looked up for it. His side of the deal has to be to play his heart out now and I want to see his pace - he showed it yesterday.


LIDDELL - didn't provide the outlet we needed and wasted the late free kick by putting it in to the only part of the penalty area where there were no Latics players.



I prefer a 4-4-2 formation but it isn't working for Latics. Credit to Huddersfield for how the won the midfield - if they had decent front players they could have easily won yesterday.


What is actually wrong in the middle?


MAHER / ALLOTT are a sound pairing. TAYLOR is a great wide man (regardless of recent performances). LIDDELL is past his best but still offers something, and we do have alternatives.


For me, the problems are more at full back and in the front two. Our full backs are the most prone to hoofing it long and aimless. Giving away possession. One of the front two needs to drop short more to provide an outlet to the middle two. If we insist on playing 4-4-2 the work rate in the middle needs to increase and ALESSANDRA needs to be one of the two strikers.


If we are looking to changing to a 4-5-1 I think the way I've seen Shez play his midfields over the years we'll simply isolate whoever the lone striker is.


So we then need to look at the option of a 4-2-3-1. Suggested side below. * means I think we need to replace these players though. This assumes no transfer window activity.


FLEMING in goal.







shielding the back 4




creative options


LEE or ALESSANDRA centrally



lone striker



I worry about changing formation mid-season. But is this the plan "B" we need?


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Gregan was awsome.... cleaned up everything in the air, whilst Ruubes handled things on the deck. All i would say is that they were made to look good by Huddersfields woeful strikers.... parker and Jevons look a shadow of what they used to be. Unfortunate for town that they had no-one to challenge us in the air, otherwise I doubt the Big G would have had it so easy.


Cadamarteri is a very good player at our level, so unfortunately pulled Lomax all over the place.


Allot was awesome.... It was the worst game I have seen Maher play for us, however he was still the best of the rest of the proverbial shower of our midfield.


You tend to need to get the ball to the strikers for them to have a good game, which obviously didnt happen.

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Slating Taylor the way you did, 3 players on him every time he got near the ball, with Kelvin behind him having a mare!!!


What game was you watching

Sorry ROAM.


On two occasions I saw him fail to chase a ball where there was at least a 50/50 chance of keeping it in play. That is rare in his make up to say the least. I think I've acknowledged his lack of support from Lomax. As for 3 players on him every time, there have been at least 2 on him for virtually every game in the last 2 seasons. I've commented in other posts that we should be able to benefit from this as a team and fail. I stand by my comments. I'd also add that I think he's the best player we have. Assuming he stays I think we'll see 22 better performances in the remainder of the season.


Here's what I said:


"TAYLOR - something on your mind Chris? Didn't want to be there. Didn't want the ball. Did naff all when he got it. I would criticise Lomax for his lack of supporting/overlapping play, but that was possibly Chris Taylor's worst game for the club."


Can you tell me a game where he's played worse?

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