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Corneys transfer window update

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Guest sheridans_world
So Moderators do come in useful..............................occasionally!


P.S. Please reverese the capital E for a capital W in my wElcome back CD thread?

Why did you make a mistake?! :shock::wink:



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Might be better to hear what he has to say first!

It might, if Simon Corney had not got form for this sort of thing.

I'm no anti SC or TTA though, they have done nothing but right by Oldham time and time again.


To be honest, they have no option but to sell Hughes given the contract he has, the current economic climate and the amount the TTA have put in so far.

So I don't think they even need to justify it.

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Would do but Laticsworld dont work with macs


so come on tell all :D


Bid for Kaka has been refused.


No bids for Eardley or Davies.


Bids so far for Taylor less than we would expect.


Whether Hughesy stays or not is down to him, but we'd like him to stay.


We don't need any new players (which is good because we will not be bringing anyone in).


Santa was good to Simon, but he didn't get enough cash for Christmas.


Latics fans were really loud at Huddersfield - louder than their fans - and we held on for 84 minutes.


Sock mix up was down to Chaddy The Owl and Shez out.





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Would do but Laticsworld dont work with macs


so come on tell all :D


Here ya go:


Hughes - in the hands of Lee if he goes - even if it is not the full amount. SC believes that Lee is a good lad and will not do the club wrong. Expects Lee to get another ban as he will almost certainly continue to get booked...


Taylor - some interest but numbers do not match our valuation


Eardley - No offers


Davies - want to see him here and do well - up to today no offers


Huddersfield - fantastic turn out from the fans


Recent form - too many draws will start to cost us if it continues - Hartlepool is crucial


Tough times and tougher times ahead


Interesting couple of weeks - but no one player is bigger than the club - expects to see Leeds and Huddersfield challenge the current top six


Final question from big Gordon: 'If the squad is the same at the end of the transfer window will that be a success?'

..... maybe not.....



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