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Hartlepool off?

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The rarely wrong Chron says:


Athletic’s prospects of playing Saturday’s home game against FA Cup giantkillers Hartlepool United appear slim unless there is a marked improvement in conditions.


The Boundary Park pitch is frozen and there is little likelihood of it thawing out as severe frosts are forecast for the remainder of the week.


You may remember that Latics lent their ground covers to Stalybridge Celtic last week, and now that does not look like a wise gesture, with the prolonged frost. :blush:

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I get :censored: off Muzz for being under the thumb when I'm not sure if I can come, then I buy my train ticket and have you laughin at how much I paid. I cant win


Nah, good that your coming along mate. Hope it's on or we'll be having a day down there for the sake of it.


Safe to say a lot of Leeds fans were very peed off with Hereford this weekend after paying for train travel etc.


Last thing we need is a 3 week break in January.

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We are saving up thats all. Just have to be careful how much I spend. Dean you can :censored: off, I'm sure you leave every game 5 minutes early to go and pick Becky up.


generally i leave at 90+1 to avoid traffic yes, but all in all i do attend games and based on the 29 games this season i have attended 28

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