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Very honest is our Kelvin

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ha ha ha....who's the joker on the os and the freeview Mark Allott wonder strike at Hudds? The opening commentary is the part where the the Town common tatta says "am sure the town will have noticed that Fleming fumbled the first effort" whilst the actual clip shows the ball wizz past the Town keeper. Keep it up chaps!!!

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Admits he was poor on Saturday and that the two centre backs got him outta jail.


Yes. It's refreshing to see, his honesty. I said on another thread that Rubes and Gregan bailed our full backs out all game and if it wasn't for them we'd have got a hiding.

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He's a player holding down a position until somebody better comes along.


He probably knows it too.


Works hard, often delivers solid defensive displays.


Doesn't offer much attacking wise (although the Byfield goal at Crewe came from his pass, as did something a year ago today at Goodison Park).


Just don't think he's going to improve much.

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CBs definately did bail him out on Saturday.


Felt sorry for him after a while. He'd played poorly and was being done by Cadamarteri time after time...Gregan was dominating Parker, and so after a while in the first half Parker moved over out wide (as if he were playing on the right side of a front 3). It meant that an out of sorts Lomax had not just one attacker to deal with, but two. The lad didn't stand a chance...but it also explained why for all their attacks Hudds weren't creating too much...because Parker was swanning around on the right, out of Gregan's way and not making a nuisance of himself in the box.

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It was tough to watch Lomax on Saturday. He got very little right. Not sure if his head went down but his passes were misplaced as well as letting his winger get the better of him.


A few lads I know who are Huddersfield fans said that they were sat in front of him second half and he kept moaning at the ref and the linesman when it was him who had F----d up.


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