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ron asheton,stooges dies aged 60

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i'm in real shock..

iggy and the stooges were the band that really got me interested in the history of ,not just punk,but the roots of it...60's garage,underground scenes ,then way back to the blues artists of the 30's/40's etc.


the stooges story was always messed up and tragic back in the 60's/70's..iggy was always feckin wasted,but the asheton brothers were brilliant at their choosen religion...ron on lead guitar,scott on drums...they made the sound that the stooges are known for today...and copied.


iggy was the master of the freakshow,but the brothers made sure everything ran to some type of plan(well they were punk-getting it running to some type of organisation just isn't punk).


and man...he could feckin play that guitar too..the riffs,though not right up there with the stones etc etc ,are well known ,and with no bones either,have been ripped of thousands of time.

the sound he produced influenced thousands of bands.


when they got back together 2004 ,it was the rekindling of their friendship...the album they released(admittidly,a hotch potch of an effort,but it definatley has inspiring moments) started them on their never ending world tour ...i never got to see em live-festivals aren't my thing these days...but my memories are forever in the countless dvds and live / studios albums i have .

i've not felt like this since joey died.

sad its ended,and sad it seems,alone...but glad he,with his brother,finally got the recognision they deserved...they weren't just iggys band.....they were the stooges-a collective...or as iggy like to announce themselves, "WE ARE THE FECKIN STOOGES!"


god bless you ron.and thanks.



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