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The merger of football

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Kept me amused for 10 mins in work today


Some of my favs


Arsenal and Blackburn = Arseburn


Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham, Racing Santander & Norwich = Real Hot HamSandWich


Southend united & Preston = Preston South end


Oldham, Grimsby & Arsenal = Oldgrimarse


Everton and west ham = The toffee hammers


Stockport, Cardiff & Racing Santander = Stock car racing

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Reminds me of the old Two Ronnies news report:


"Football clubs are considering changing their badges to reflect their names. Swansea already do this with a Swan. Manchester United would have a man. Cardiff would have a car. Oldham would have a piece of old ham. A spokesman for Arsenal said they were unsure about complying with the proposal."

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