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alan mcgee names his top tipped 10 bands for 2009

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some names i've already heard of...


ipso facto: i've sold loads of stuff by them already-very dramatic sounding girl vocalist.


the vortex:heard about them through mike/takemeanywhere...he tips them too.manc band


the sessions:they have been going for a bit,but according to the article,they are a differnt thing altogether now..curious.




my tip...kinkane



don't personally dig em,but they are getting the most hits on my website at the moment for enquiries since their first single was released in dec...think the fact they have just supported the who may have helped a bit...


when shall i leak that 5 trk sampler i have??? B)



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Heard of The Vortex. They were on the same night as a mate of mine's band at Manc academy. They were pretty decent from what I remember (sometime in 2007), though my memory from the entire night is pretty fuzzy. :grin:

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The thing is that because Alan McGee tips 'em, they tend to make it because McGee still has massive clout. He has been tipping dud bands for years but he still gets column inches. Glasvegas owe everything to him and I suspect that The Grants will be massive this year and that this will be due in no small part to Alan McGee.


There are hundreds of good bands around at the minute and my own tips for 2009 are:


Exit Calm

No*Tokyo (Oldham's very own)

The 66



All great young unsigned bands (except for Exit Calm, who are now signed) but they don't have celebrity endorsement and will have to rely on talent and luck.

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