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pieterson & moores both resign

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Even though I'm not a big cricket fan, I can't make head nor tail of this. Boyks was on the radio this morning and actually made some sense, he said that Strauss would be likely to take on the job - but who would be the OD captain? Because Strauss can't get into the side - and the powers that be were making the noises that they want a captain to captain England in its entirety, not one man for the test side and someone else for the other teams....

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"Sports Administrators in Total Balls-up Shocker."


Car crash waiting to happen. I'm thinking back to when Pieterson was at Notts and Jason Gallian threw his bags off the balcony and him out of the club. Great player, but hardly captaincy material.

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pieterson has always been showing signs of his spoilt brat tendancies ,but his role of captain just pushed him to another level of it.

top class cricketer,tosser of a person.

the fact the england squad leave for west indies in 2 weeks or so means england are left with possibly an emergancy manager for that tour.


the aussies will be giggling their arses off now.


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I think Pieterson is too patriotic to turn his back on the chance to represent his country


or he's too greedy to not want to boost his bank balance.

he was proberbly the most vocal of EBC's stance against allowing contracted players going there.

its "me me me" all the way with him.

his toys are out of the pram and the wailing is open to the public.

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It is very rare in cricket that making your best player your captain works.


Flintoff would be the obvious example when he lead the team in Australia.


Brearley would support the other extreme - couldn't hold a bat but got the best out of the team.


Giving Pieterson the job because "it would make him more responsible" - after he'd got himself out when on a high score a couple of times - was always barmy.


A cricket captain needs to have displayed responsibility and leadership before being given the job.

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Nice to see Sky Sports keep up their standards by getting it totally wrong. What the feck do they know about cricket anyway? As I understand it, neither have resigned - the ECB agreed this morning to sack them both.


In which case it's the inevitable ECB outcome - the blazered buffoons have achieved the worst of both worlds.


I say reinstate Moores and Pietersen, tell Pietersen that Moores is boss ... and sack the rest of the ECB.



And ban blazers.

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Brearley would support the other extreme - couldn't hold a bat but got the best out of the team.


Like Vaughan?!


Someone else will come in, lead the team for a couple of years...and when the position becomes vacant again then KP will fill it.


That someone will probably be Fred...despite what happened in Aus...he's the only one with a pretty much guaranteed place in both teams, and I don't think the ECB will go for seperate captaincies again...

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strauss named new captain.

pieterson claims not to have resigned this morning when moore was sacked,but later this afternoon when he was told to "resign or be sacked"....


part of his press statement....


"I wish to add that I have principles in my professional and personal life as

to how things are done and during my time as England captain I have always been

both helpful and direct in my communications with the ECB. At no time, contrary

to press speculation, have I released any unauthorised information to the media

regarding my relationships with the players, coaches and the ECB itself."


whats he getting at i wonder????

rumours flying about on cricket messageboards of him being a naughty boy with other england team members wives..

persons concerned have since not had a look in on the england set up since.


jonathon agnew and graham gooch both stating pretty much the same concern..


"just what the hell is going on in that dressing room - its become a total mess???"


news of the world will be on high alert at the moment.


andy flowers suggested as a candidate for taking the coaching role...

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he's married...has had some pretty damn good un's before her too...

but,maybe he could like some other "things"!?????


not for me to say or suggest. B)

People who are in the papers for dating Caprice tend to have have paid for it. Apparently money can buy her time away from the cameras as well, so long as it's lots and lots of money :shock:


I've said before now that Pieterson is the campest cricketer I've ever seen when you are at the match, not that being camp is any guarantee of an unorthodox stance.

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so,if your assumptions are true,the fact that there is some..lets say..."dirty sheets"... in the england dressing room still...

wonder how those ex-england players and their wives are feeling???


oh...i believe it is pural,not singular.


as for caprice,not a new story really she is "purchasable",but i wonder what his wife thinks????



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I agree about the camp bit - though he's a bloody big 'un for all that :bigcry:

As for him leaving, as he not said that even though he's left the captaincy, he now wants to concentrate on the tour and then winning the ashes? :unsure: If some of the whispers are right - they're surely not going to take him are they?

Saying that, on form, he is without doubt, our best batsman

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nothings been said as to whether his place isn't there anymore for the tour to WI,but with all the shindigs happening today,and whats come out re: the dressing up being a complete mess,who knows what might happen before then?


2 weeks today they fly there...not much time to try to get things right,but ECB need to appoint a VERY strong management team ASAP...would beefy like another crack at stuffing the oz...although from the dressing room? :mmm:

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