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Pitch cover volunteers - URGENT info

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Sounds like Latics have had loads of volunteers, great work.


They have put up an urgent message on the OS, I'm posting it just in case you miss it.


< Volunteer info >


Message From Rick Attwood (WardleLatic) The club need more volunteers, they're still a few short, need to turn up at 8am at reception would be a shame for Deano's debut to be called off!

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the club need approx 20 people to help in the morning !


Im sure some of us can get up early when some of the groundstaff are being pitch side All night to make sure the match has the best chance to be on !


Was there this afternoon and will be tomorrow!


Just got off the phone to Stu, said they think its about minus 2 .. so fingers crossed it stays about that. Top effort from him and Tony staying there all night to keep the blowers on etc .. anyone who spots a mistake in Stu`s reports tomorrow best stay quiet :grin: i dont think he`ll be sleeping much tonight!

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Noticed the Lights on at BP from Grains Bar tonight,looks like they are pulling all stops out to get the game on!

On saying that,by the time I got to Asda in Shaw noticed a massive drop in temperature and on leaving Asda around 7.00ish noticed a lot of Cars frosted over all ready-not good methinks.

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