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Adopt a graduate


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So, they are going to subsidise companies to take on graduates who can't line up a top job to work as, "interns," for a while. Twats. How many current temps will be let go to make place for them with :censored: all else to go for because it's made cheaper to take one of this lot on? How many people won't be taken on into permanent jobs because of this? How many will be taken into Government departments that actually need to lose half their numbers, or just shut altogether? You'd believe that every university leaver in the past has walked out into a top City firm. Loads have had to do :censored: jobs and some have stayed in them, it's the breaks. I'm glad I'll be paying taxes towards it though.

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More government fantasy land bollx...correct

Problem is no-one in there has ever been in the real world.

in this government?..well if so,some arses ACTUALLY voted these types in , in the first place...who's stupid now??? :lol: not me...!

There are no good jobs in UK, this is the best they can come up with


yep.crap innit.

It was called YTS in my day for real jobs

though,if i'm not mistaken,this was a tory product


labour haven't exactly not tried to change it...but i'm passed caring...

jobs for boys etc.


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