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How to…? Insert Images Into Your Posts!


First, you will need to know where the image is stored. And this will have to be on the Internet, it cannot be on you home PC.


But, if you have the image on you computer at home you will need to 'host' it on a site such as imageshack of photobucket.


They both have their own user guides to show you how to host your image, so I'm sure you'll pick it up… if anyone tries and gets stuck, then ask for some help in the Tech Forum or send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Ok, so if you now have your image online, you now need the 'URL' of that image.


If you have hosted it on one of the above sites it will show you the link under the image, which you can copy (select the text, right click the mouse and click 'copy').




If you now have the URL from one of the above sites then skip on to the 'on the forum' section below, if it's on another web site and you do not know how to get the URL then you need to do the following…


Internet Explorer Users

If you are attempting to show an image which is already on another website, then you need to open the web site that has that image on it, right click on the picture you want and click on the 'properties' option.




Then, once that window opens select all the text next to the "URL" heading, and again right click and this time select 'copy'




Once you have copied the text you can click 'OK' at the bottom of the window and move on to the 'on the forum' section below.


Firefox Users

If you are attempting to show an image which is already on another website, then you need to right click on the image, but this time click on the 'copy link location' option.




On the Forum

No matter which browser you have used, once you have the text URL copied for the image you want it is the same for everyone.


Open a reply or new post window on the forum and write whatever it is you want to write, then click where you want your picture to be (top, middle, bottom?) in your text.




Once you have selected where you want your image to go click on this button…




Then this window should appear…




Once it does delete the 'http://' text, then right click and select 'paste'.


You should now see the URL for the image you wanted to insert. Click 'OK'


Now, in your text you should see something which looks like the following, but has the URL which you copied from one of the other websites





Job done.


Finish your post with whatever text you still want to add, or any other images you wish, using the same method, and click 'post' to finish just as normal.


All done.



Hopefully this helps, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me through the PM's or in the Tech Forum, where you will also be able to get help from the other site Mod's such as Stevie and Rummy.



Get Postin'


The OWTB team

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It has been brought to the attention of OWTB's staff that we (and I mean me! :) ) have over the last week or so posted a couple of images which have been taken from other sites around the net, including things like the BBC, Sky, and others, without citing our sources.


Can we please remind our members that posting images is encouraged and makes OWTB a much more interesting place to be, but also that we don't want to see you (me, again) getting into legal difficulties over something so simple as adding "Source: BBC.co.uk" to your image.


So when posting please add where you've got you image from to avoid any future complications, and in the next few days I'll post a "How to..?" guide on how to link your images back to their source, making life even easier for you.


Keep posting!


And if I get banged up for plagiarism I want to be a Martyr! I expect T-Shirts Damn you! :wink:




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Guest sheridans_world

I'd love to see the bbc attempt to beat someone up for stealing a photo! :boxer:


Guess i will have to try harder next time. :getmecoat:

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Ironic I know, as I know of about 4 people who've had THEIR images stolen by the BBC... but still, they can afford significantly better lawyers than I can... so I shal learn my lesson and reference my links from now on!

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