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Greg Fleming

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I know he has only played 5? league games this season and maybe its to early to make a judgement but we seem to do it about everyone else so here goes.


Is it just me?.. but i feel so much more confident with him in goal. hes proved on a few occasions already he is a very good shot stopper and commands his area


he comes and claims crosses on a regular basis and his distribution and kicking seems to be improving every game he plays.


also the defence seems more comfortable with him there ( maybe knowing he can move if needed)


now im not a crossley basher but i think its obvious hes not to quick on his feet nowadays and cant come off his line for certain things that greg does. (age and injurys)


i dont know how many greg has conceded since he came in for crossleys injury but i know 2 have been own goals (stam, lomax) and 2 have been pen rebounds.


its a fair point that strikers and goals get you up but you also need a good keeper between the sticks and to me this boy could make a massive difference between 2nd spot and playoffs.


just wondering what others views are on him


potential to be the signing of the season????


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I'm a big fan of norm, but even I have to say I feel much more confident now Fleming is between the sticks...


The big test will come when he makes an absolute howler, or we get a bit of a tonking, and see how he (and more importantly those on here) react....



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He's improved a lot in the short time he's been here. I thought in the games I'd seen him earlier in the season he was a bit hesitant, looked uncomfortable and his kicking was pretty poor.


He looks a lot more assured now, looks like a first-choice keeper, although my heart skips a beat when he dives infront of the opposition players! Hope he keeps this form up.

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A few mediocre performances and everyone forgets how good Whittaker has been.


Fleming for me is potentially the latest in a long line of great keepers but signing of the season so far is definitely Whittaker.




Err... more like one decent performance from Whitaker and you forget how terrible he has been for the past two months....


Think the jury is still out on all our signings... but Flem, Whits, and Maher have done enough to be comfortable first team players for us.... we will decide on the 'signing of the season' in a few months... and it will probably be Windass... :wink:

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I don't know much about goalkeeping and goalkeepers....to me there are the worlds elite few and then the rest are much of a muchness. However I think Fleming has been fantastic. He's looked much more assured than he did on his rare early/pre season appearences. Maybe Norm deserves some credit for this?

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