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Which is the tougher

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second half no doubt about it.


players tend to get injuried more second half of the season and catch up games take there toll. for us we have a tough second half with playing teams around us away.


L.City - Away

MK Dons - away

Scunthorpe Utd - Away

Millwall - Away


then again we have some good teams still to come to us.

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simple fact is, we cant afford to draw as many games in the second half of the season as we did in the first if we want a realistic chance of 2nd spot.....its going to be tougher but not out of the question.


I know what you are getting at there, but as I posted elsewhere the other day...We have the same number of points after 25 games as 06/07 season when we had been playing the best football for years by this point. And only 4 points behind the 02/03 season tally (25 games) after having an excellent 1st half of the season... not bad really seen as most seem to think we are yet to really get going this season!


In simple terms...12 wins from the remaining games probably gets us up. And despite the recent run of draws, the last 10 games have yielded 20 points, 2 points a game, or 'championship form' as it is widely regarded (though granted we have 5 points to make up on the season so far).


And in both of those previous seasons we have never been able to bring a striker of Windass' quality in January.


I would also think that as we generally benefit from playing the more difficult games, the fact that we have a hard run-in could be better for us than the supposed 'easier' fixtures that for many many years have tripped us up.


Goodness me, far too much optimism for a post on here at the moment...erm Shez Out! (that's better)



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The number of draws is hardly surprising when we are so dependent on one player to score the goals (since the midfield stopping scoring, or indeed turning up in some cases). If Windarse can score or create an extra goal every other game then all things equal we will be pushing automatic.

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Personally if we keep this squad in tact I think we'll get second and the only team which will rival us for it are Scunthorpe. Millwall will fade away (they've already started, no win in 4)......MKDons have got a lot of tough away games coming up, a lot more than us. I think with Windass and Hughes up front we'll end up scoring for fun. We'll be like Blackpool t'other season who won 14 of their last 17 matches.

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