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I Think i'll stay clear...

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Of here for couple of days...


Having gone 0-5 down, I can see a bad day in the office for Sheridan on Monday.


Explaining to Corney on how we managed to lose to a team 2nd from bottom in such a spectacular manner.

Why his tactics are sh*t.

Why, when we worked so hard to get Windass in, we can't get the ball to him.

How he is going to motivate the team for the next match.

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i think some people on here wants us to get beat, so they can have a good moan

maybe they are all managers at MORRISONS who are trying to get us so down that we demolish the 3 sided ground and sell them the land to build on.


shudder at the thought. :shock:

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Guest oa_exile
Well put simply, do we have our busy evenings on OWTB after a loss or a win?


I would assume that a Moderator would have the answer :wink: ahem ass-u-me obviously not ^_^


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