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Lieutenant Pigeon

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Oh this one made me forget all about the previous things that had happened today.


That pub in Chesire we stopped of at, obviously some will know that this classc tune came on. However, I guy I met this morning didn't know what I meant when I said lieutenant pigeon was playing in the other room. I did the tune, as you do, then he remembered it.


He trailed off with "I thought it was a dish the owners had cooked".


It cheered me up, it really did.

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Did the pub also only have three sides?


I guess it would be of some use, easier to throw you out of :wink:


The bar was shaped like a galleon and the pub had a wood fire and a dart board, which I imagine is a bit like the executive boxes at BP.


I missed most of the Latics-associated jukebox tunes paid for by oafc_ok/given free by the very friendly barmaid, as I was busy telling someone about what happened to 9 of us in Southend.

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