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(updated) Leyton Orient away ....


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.... or should that be home!!! Well this was probally the shortest trip for me to watch Latics (all of 5 minutes) and I had be looking forward to this day all season, apart from the actually score (felt we did enough to win)it was a great day out. So not really much to talk about my journey this week, although I did have to run back to my house several times for stock as myself and Wardle 'Del boy' Latic were doing a great trade on scarves and Chris Taylor t-shirts before the game in my 'local' the coach and Horses.


Whilst waiting for Wardle and Johnny to arrive I thought I'd do a little housework and then I got the call from Dave in the pub! Sorry I didn't realise that as this was my local it was my duty to be the host .... so my annual assisting my flat mates with the house-work was out the window and off I toddled to the pub after making new arrangments with Wardle to meet me at the bar and not Leytonstone tube. After several beers Wardle arrived and we quickly popped to mine to drop off his stuff..... by the time I got back the pub started to really fill and with vocal cords warmed the singing began.


Well the first half of the game was slightly dissapointing and got slightly worse when the second went in ..... but what a finish!!! I really thought we would go on to take all three points but for the cross-bar and a partially sighted lines man (or whatever they are called this week). Now for those of you who don't know I manage halls of residents and brought a couple of my senior students along (with newly purchased scarves). Both are big supporters and regulars of their local teams Boca Juniors and Real Madrid ......... they loved the atmosphere the Oldham supporters created the entire day and would be back next week if I could get them tickets for the Brentford game. Done deal.


Back to the pub after the game seemed to be the plan for most Latics fans as it seemed as packed after the game as it was before. Eventually numbers fell as one by one the 'Tics made their way home up North or heading out and about into town until this left me, Johnnypunkster and Wardle watching the Irish win at cricket ... although by Johnny's reaction whilst watching Sky sports the following morning he couldn't re-call any of it nor did he recall the fact he left one Chinese take-away muttering that he fancied eating chinese food and needed to find a chinese take-away!!!! Confused ... we were.


Anyhow here's some of the pictures from the day.



The OASIS lads gather in the Coach and Horses before the game including Danny who got a last minute pass



Kevin gets the singing going pre-match



first half action



... and some second half action!!!!



Shezza thanking the usual fantastic traveling support



'our' shop across the road from the stadium................



The 'visitors'



The 'home' team



Jerry the landlord was very impressed with the Latics fans and wished me to thank them for their good natured behaviour (and his next holiday), however he did want to know with naughty little 'Tic did this to his toilet door?




Mark :OASISscarf:

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Is was a great atmosphere in the Coach and Horses. Took about 10 mins to get the bar from the door, havin to wade through 'tic and after 'tic. Think i recognised a few JKL/OWTB members in there but there was no way i was going to struggle though the crowds! Didnt get there till 2:30 so beer was the priority! Great day out though, and the singing as soon as I got off the tube at Leyton didnt subside until after the final whistle. Did ourselves proud again!

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