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OWTB EXCLUSIVE - A guide to Brentford pubs

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For anyone travelling down to Griffin Park, for Latics' trip to face Brentford, The Oldham Insider made the journey down a day in advance, in order to bring you an exclusive guide to the four corner-of-the-ground pubs.


You know what they say; it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!


First on the hitlist was the Princess Royal. Sorry to report that the first pint of the day was not the start we wanted. London Pride? You're having a laugh! So, it's not such a disappointment then that this is really a home only pub. Not the place to be at 3pm on a Saturday.


Next up, The New Inn. A welcome improvement on the Princess. A fine pint of guiness and a nice Irish landlord to boot. Away fans are welcome here but it is a bit short on space.


The Royal Oak was the next stop. The sign says 'Courage'; well, you'll need it to get through a pint of the bitter! Actually, the pint was great; good head and nice legs. Shame about the barmaid. We heard that this pub had been seen in BBC's hit series, Life On Mars but it doesn't look quite modern enough to have featured. It's okay for the away fans though.


Finally, we stagger to The Griffin. Another pint of London Pride. Another pint of pish. There's not enough room in here to swing a tangerine scarf but it's a proper pub. And away fans are welcome. A pint of guiness in this place'll set you back £3.05.



The Princess Royal's not worth a visit, unless you feel a strong urge to stop off at all four corner pubs. It's definitely a home only zone.


And come down in your flares, with a tank top over your Latics/OWTB Taylor shirt. It's retro chic in all of the pubs round these parts.


Enjoy the game, and the pubs.


The Oldham Insider

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