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Non Football Section


1. Age?


2. What do you do (job/school/uni etc.)?

International Business @ Uni (includes politics, economics, marketing, corporate finance and a few other odds and ends)

3. Favourite band/music?

Harsh, but if I had to take only one, it’d be Doves

4. Favourite tipple?

Good Vodka when I have money, Bad Beer when I don’t!

5. Favourite TV programme?

Right now: Lost

All time: Spaced, Scrubs and Red Dwarf (It’s like picking between your Kids, it can’t be done!)

6. Famous person you would most like to meet?

The late Hunter S Thomson

For being providing me with the inspiration to not listen to what people tell me is true, but instead to seek the truth, then make up a better version and go with that.

Football Section

1. How long have you supported Oldham?

Since I was around 6 I think? Long enough to know better 


2. Why?

As a kid I went in between City and United depending on which mate I was with, but then I realised (as I got old enough) that ‘tics were MY team, and not may mates!

3. What is your all time greatest memory of your club over the past 20 years?

Wembley –vs- Manure

Can’t take that away from me, fantastic day no matter how it ended up overall

4. And the worst?

The day Chris Moore walked away and you could see immediately that the club were deep, deep in it.

5. What is the best thing about your club?

The tradition of being a small club and working hard for what we have, accepting that if we get big money we can’t refuse it, but knowing we worked hard for it.


6. And the worst?

Being a selling club!

7. What is your favourite away day and why?

Wembley – See above


8. And the worst?

Barnsley last year, awful game.

9. Who is the greatest player/hero to have played for your club in your memory?

Andy Ritchie, no two ways about it.

10. And the worst?

Dabo, nuff said!


11. What is the greatest goal you have ever seen scored both for and against your club?

Hardest one so far… my brain is too screwed up for this now… maybe later!

12. What is the most important thing to you about football?

Integrity, honest players, managers who admit they got it wrong, owners who won’t run off it gets hard… all comes back to integrity.


13. How do you feel fans of other clubs view your club?

‘Small Town Club’

14. Which other team in the division do you have a grudging admiration for?

This year it has to be Scunny who’ve done it all on as much as we have, but managed to avoid the little ruts, injuries and suspensions which kill teams with squads the size of ours!

15. Which other team in the division do you dislike the most and why?

Forest, because they’re still trying to buy their way out of it!

16. Which opposition player gets the most stick and why?

From me? Non really… I’m too lazy to moan about their players!

17. Do we have the right manager in charge?

Yes, he needs help and guidance and to learn and he’s not perfect. But give him time and the chance to develop a squad and I think so.


18. Since the start of the season are your expectations higher/lower/about the same as they were at the start of the campaign?

Higher, and it’s annoying! At the start of the year, after a poor end to last, I expected bottom half and a long road. Shez has exceeded all expectations but now I worry because they’ve changed and I expect us to finish in the Top 6. If we didn’t at the start of the season I wouldn’t have minded, but after such promise it’d be tragic if it fell away!

19. Where do you realistically see us being in five years' time?

Bottom 10 Championship. I think with some hard work and reasonable investment we can look to get up and stay up within 5years.

20. If you could sign one League one player from another club, who would it be?

Varney, great player.


Questions from the good people of OWTB


1. My question is what are your views on Bush, Mugabe and Castro? Will you ever finish that sodding dissertation?!

Yes! Please God Yes! (it’s due on the 5th of next month!)


2. The 2012 London Olympics could become a magnet for human traffickers bringing in prostitutes and illegal workers.

The Home Office plan to combat gangs who imprison women and force them into the sex trade and push men into forced labour.

With An influx of young male sports fans, such as happened during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, could see a rise in demand for prostitutes, it adds. So would it not infact be better for the Country to legalise supported Brothels within the London area and to tax the industry to help pay for the re-developed of the rural areas. ?

See above, no time for this… but economically they make sense, socially they are questionable and politically you may as well say you shag goats!


3. Last day of the season in the premier league, Oldham are nicely placed at 11th, while United meet City, a win will give United the title, while a win would keep City up, a draw would give united the title and keep city up so who would you rather win and what scenario would you prefer, City to stay up and United to finish 2nd or United to win the title and City to go down?

United to win, City to go down… no doubt in my mind… United have won so many times I can accept them doing it again but I hate City with a greater passion!


4. How big is your RAM?

Big enough, thank you! 


5. What do you want to be when you grow up (since your still at school?)

Ha! My initial plans are to

a. Travel

b. Get a real job

c. Move to Canada

6. What did you do that was so bad that you decided it was necessary to warn yourself?

I acted in a really stupid way (admittedly that was the fact that I warned myself in the first place… kind of a chicken-egg problem)

7. "When you add the Value chilli powder to your Economy baked beans to make them bearable on your stale bread, do you dream of the day when the People will rise up and ask economists to govern them?"


I’m not an economist, in fact most things I’ve been doing on my dissertation involves mocking them for their naivety… but I wouldn’t mind being one… get paid plenty to basically make stuff up, prove it’s true by making additional stuff up and then go home! Easy!

8. If you were the opposite sex for one hour, what would you do?

Haha… family board…

9. Name something that you regret doing while you were at school?

Going to school!

10. I’m young single & desperate for love, how about it?

I’m old, living with someone and desperate… but no, thanks!

11. What is your favourite thing to lick?

family…. Board…. You people are sick! 

12. What is the most annoying habit that your girlfriend has ever had?

She’s addicted to Me! :grin:


mwwwaahaahahaahaa 


Top stuff Ackers, and seeing as he has done the easy bit, he decided the next person to face the questions of the members of the board will be Diego Sideburns!

Get your questions in subject heading DS.

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Dissertation? Unlucky. I've just got mine in 14,000 words.


Good luck with it mate!

Just finished mine on the reclassification of cannabis and its effects on our younger generation only 9,000 words...but i have another 12,000 words worth of work due in a month so best get cracking...

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I'm 2,500 words in, leaving about 9,000 to write in a little over a week :(


I got side tracked trying to do my Corporate Finance and I've not really got enough done, but there you have it, you can only play with what you have so it'll have to be done.



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