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Absolute Class!


Have loads of such scripts going through my head now... mainly around Andy Liddell... Have created this scenario where Joe asks him to pass him a cup of tea that is two metres away from him, but Lids is incapable of moving and just points at it.... "Andy you have been Evicted" *but he has to physically carried out of the dressing room by Tommy and Dux as he cant Move*


... its amusing me anyway... :wink:

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What an amazingly funny thread ..... could turn in to a series Rummy :)

Stevie_J writes the scripts, and I do the graphics. I don't know how much stuff he's got - I imagine there's quite a bit of material tbh, but I'll keep knocking the cartoons out as long as there's something to work with!

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You have got to keep this going...it can be like a daily update/cartoon of latics....its priceless.


Its a must read for most latics fans with a sense of humour...lets face it we have little else to cheer about.


can you not move it up the foodchain and give it a better spot....like the first thing you seen when you login?


It deserves more credit...move it on up lads!!!!



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