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Long shot for a non league signing

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Officially, Tonbridge Angels have had an approach from a League 1 club that has been accepted.

Suspected to be Millwall, the only reason I raise it is DAvePenneys record at Non league.

Tonbridge are offlaoding after their main inevestor pulled out for helath reasons and the Chairman resigned (ex Arsenal keeper Nick Sullivan)

The Angels are in Ryman Prem and narrowly missed out on promotion to Cnf South.

Legge and main goalscorer CArl Rook are officially on the transfer list and can leave. They are considered the main assets

Legge plays in defence.

He used to play for Lewes in the conference.

He has ahowever, a bit of a reputation of silly sendings off, though not all justfied.

He'sa irght back and a bit of a long throw specialist

He's 23


PS Other rumoured clubs are Southend, Dagen ham and REdbridge and Bristol Rovers

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Just to confirm that Leon Legge signed for Brentford. 1 year contract first professional one.

Worth keeping an eye it if he breaks into the team when we play them, but doubt it will be the away game!

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1 minute ago, Dave_Og said:


I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, never mind what I posted a decade or so ago!

I can remember, Dave. It was all bollocks :chubb:

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