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The Register has an article, here, about a bit of Malware (virus, worm, trojan etc.) doing the rounds at the moment which is pretending to be a Beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.


You will probably receive this kind of thing in your e-mail address at work or at home all the time and think perhaps you should finally get around to updating... well as todays piece of advice... don't!


Whenever you get an e-mail which is from an unsolicited source double or triple check it before you actually open or download anything. Go to the official site, without clicking on ANY links in the email (open a window, do it from scratch).


Microsoft, along with 99.99% of other big companies will not just send you an e-mail like that.


Always check your sources, as this bug highlights, because it's a right little bugger, and you will be much safer!


Keep clean folks!



Helpful Advisor, Expert Procrastinator!

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Guest sheridans_world

Just as well as the above i find that the status bar on the left hand side of >>here<< is useful

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Too true... hence the advice... the less people have problems the less those of us who protect ourselves do, as much the spam in the world is produced by hijacked pc's!


should be a law put by that if your stupid you get shot


and i am joking before people decide to give me abuse!!

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