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The Buddy System

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Hi first timer here, as you can see i live in spain and would like to find other fans in my area.

is there any way to put a system in that u type your postcode or town in and it comes up with your nearest compadre.

great site keep up the good work.

this is the only way i can realy find out what is going on.

thank you very much.


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Guest oa_exile


Since your are an Exile , i would probably post your details up in the OASIS part of the Forum , let Mark and the gang know who you are B)

I am sure there are a couple of Latics fans living in Spain




Which part are you living in ?


Cheers Exile

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While bolting on something of this magnitude might not be such a great idea regarding bandwidth issues, I'm interested in "exiles of the world" getting together. Like exile said, Markoasis who lurks around the OASIS section on this very board would be a good place to start - however, I'd also like to employ a similar buddy-esque system in the OASIS forums.


I'll keep you up-to-date with all the developments.




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Think Beardy might know who i mean, but who was that couple who have opened a BB abroad i think, its either Australlia or Spain, think its Spain tbh, they used to pop on the fishal board now and again.



Pete? Main Stand ST holder? He moved to Spain with his Mrs - they bought a bar - used to work with him - top bloke. I'm not sure he comes to games now.

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