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Falling at the last hurdle...


Can we do it?  

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  1. 1. Given recent events can Latics really carry themselves into the playoffs???

    • Easy! We've got the quality to do it!
    • Unfortunately no. We peaked too early in the season!
    • I'm getting splinters in my bum from this bloody fence!

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Given that we really should have won our last 2 games comfortably but keep stuttering against the lower teams in the league, is saturday against Cheltenham gonna be as easy as everyone thinks? With everyone having weary legs and Porter not understanding the offside rule have we got enough steam left in us? Everyone else seems to be picking up momentum (Where the hell did Blackpool come from?) and our lot seem to be cantering. Fair enough recently we have salvaged some valuable draws right at the death but why do we only start to really play when we are nearly down and out? Who honestly thinks we can do it? I'm beginning to doubt it. A win on saturday would make us almost safe I reckon as long as the ones below us lose. Fingers and toes crossed! :bluearmy:

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I think having the "easier" teams at the end of the season could backfire against us, we usually raise our game against the bigger sides, i'd say 2 wins would do it now though! hopefully start that on saturday! But then again, Cheltenham are in a dog fight, so you never know...

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Looking at the table we need 9 points to be mathematically safe (if swansea or carlisle win all their remaining four games). I wonder if the players know that? Hopefully swansea and carlisle will lose a couple of games and make the maths a little easier on the eye. Sheridan should be rollocking the players before they go out and maybe they might start playing when the referee blows his whistle to start the game. Saturday is a must win. I've been saying that for the last 2 weeks but those draws just make it much more so. Anything less than 3 points is a disaster in my book and would start our descent out of the playoffs. I'm still keeping the faith but we all know how football works when momentum takes over. Come on the lads on sat!!! Do us proud. :ktf::comeon::OWTB1::bluearmy::chaddy::who:

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I think we'll make it to the play-offs as well. It should have been in the bag by now but nothing is ever simple supporting Latics!! My prediction is Saturday will be a real nail biter but we'll scrape it two-one. :pray::curtains::cardinal:

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Cmon gang - we are latics fans - we should know noting comes to us easily!


Pretty sure we will get there, we will get the 6 points that will confirm it... it is all we need as people have rightly pointed out, all the teams just below and above us are playing each other - no-one will get maximum points....


Hopefully Crew and Brighton will not be bothered due to mid-table mediocrity, and chesterfield will be down by the time we play em - the only match that really worries me is saturday...


Anyway - at leat we are not probably as worried as forest - bet they are really looking forward to the possibility of playing us twice again this season.... as long as we dont get the donkey lashers in the semis we will be fine....

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I'd rather not play Forest or BC in the play-off semi's.

As people have said, we have to play 2 out of 3 to win the thing, so I'll take it as it comes, so to speak. There's something in most of the potential games (Forest at Wembley, Lashers would be a huge derby, Bristol often an eventful game for us), let's see what hand we are dealt. We'll make top 6 anyway, then it's about getting back up for it.

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look guys one win for me will be enough that will put us seven points in front of swansea and carlisle, carlise goal diff is naff so they would have to win two draw 2 and have swansea and Bristol City and Scunthorpe to play.. swanseas goal diff is not as good as us but would also probably have to win 2 draw 2 again wiv carlise to play as well as playing blackpool last match of the season: in the play offs does it matter who we play really, i dont believe so


here are the fixtures that matter left



Saturday, 14 April 2007

Blackpool v Northampton, 15:00

Bournemouth v Swansea, 15:00

Brentford v Nottm Forest, 15:00

Bristol City v Yeovil, 15:00

Millwall v Tranmere, 15:00

Oldham v Cheltenham, 15:00

Rotherham v Carlisle, 15:00

Scunthorpe v Huddersfield, 15:00




Saturday, 21 April 2007

Carlisle v Bristol City, 15:00

Cheltenham v Blackpool, 15:00

Crewe v Oldham, 15:00

Nottm Forest v Bournemouth, 15:00

Swansea v Brighton, 15:00

Tranmere v Scunthorpe, 15:00

Yeovil v Rotherham, 15:00




Saturday, 28 April 2007

Blackpool v Scunthorpe, 15:00

Brighton v Oldham, 15:00

Carlisle v Swansea, 15:00

Crewe v Tranmere, 15:00

Leyton Orient v Nottm Forest, 15:00

Millwall v Bristol City, 15:00

Yeovil v Doncaster, 15:00



Saturday, 05 May 2007

Bristol City v Rotherham, 15:00

Gillingham v Yeovil, 15:00

Nottm Forest v Crewe, 15:00

Oldham v Chesterfield, 15:00

Scunthorpe v Carlisle, 15:00

Swansea v Blackpool, 15:00

Tranmere v Brentford, 15:00

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obviously not Diego or a load of others i could mention including the most two negative miserable blokes and one woman at bradford on monday i have ever had this displeasure of meeting, yeah you who told Harrydowds greenshirt to sit down you were sat on the side about row f, and i dont need any negativity so wake up and listen to you all moaners support your good damn team for petes sake yeah automatic might be out the question but if you could hear some of you youd think we were going down to the north west counties second division or something



sorry on my soap box but just naffs me off team dont need it OWTB

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i fancy us to get to the playoffs easily, but we need to try and get some mementom going in to the games!

I know we play better against better teams but we don’t want to get to those games playing the way we are now, or else we will probably get battered!

What’s annoying about recent games is that it takes us until the last ten mins when we are a goal or two down before we even turn up. Starting Saturday shez should tell the lads to go out and play as if we are a goal down from the off! We look a good side when we are having a go at teams!

Lets get that playoff place cemented and then start planning our trip to Wembley!!


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I dreamt it last night, we beat Yeovil 5-0 in the final and we play in Tangerine


Although on a serious note I'd hate having the prospect of going to the City Ground or Ashton Gate on a Tuesday or Wednesday night needing a win, I think 3rd or 4th place is vital when your in the play-offs

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