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LOTW - 12/4/07 - David Eyres


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Welcome to the third Latics Legend of the Week

We're looking for you, our members, to post their memories, anecdotes and stories of our weekly Legend!!!

Met him in a pub? Go to school with his Mrs? Go to school with him? Get hit by his car?
Anything and everything!

If you have access to some season stat's or career stat's then post them too, pictures, videos, songs!?
Post them all!!

So, Get Posting!!

A couple of very simple rules
1. Please stay on the topic of a single legend at once... it will become apparent why over time.
(If you would like to suggest an upcoming legend then please feel free to PM me)
2. Please don't post anything which may subject you to libel... as OWTB cannot be held responsible for that.
3. Have fun!

Apologies that there was no LOTW last week. Amidst the problems we were having then, it got put on the back burner.
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Guest sheridans_world

Ahhh Eyresie, named one of our Rabbits after him. Sadly only ever had a 10 second chat to him as i got his autograph for the third time.




Years ................ Club .......................... App (Gls)*

1989-1993..........Blackpool...................... 147 (38)

1993-1997..........Burnley......................... 171 (37)

1997-2000..........Preston North End......... 89 (20)

2000-2006..........Oldham Athletic ............181 (33)

2006 ..................Hyde United................... 9 (2)

2006- .................Mossley........................ ???


Total ................................................ 595 (130)



Need to figure out a structue not using dots.

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Without a doubt...the nicest bloke you could wish to meet.


Obviously spoke to him quite a few times, but the highlight for me had to be his benefit game...


Already had an appearence on for that day which i promised to do, but when Eyresy found out he came over to me and asked me if i could do my best just to show my face for him, how could i refuse?


After doing and appearence in Bradford for the female officer who was shot dead i jumped in the car and drove like a maniac just to get to BP in time for him coming out onto the pitch. Just about managed it, and really enjoyed the first half, but by half time i was exhausted after being Chaddy for 5 hours non stop. Went and got changed to watch the second half, which was even better than the first half.


After the game he invited me to the private party in the bar.


Whilst in the bar he came over and asked me where i went to at half time. I explained that i was shattered, to which he said "that's a shame, we were going to put you up front in the second half on our team". I honestly thought i was going to cry there and then.


At the end of the party my missus came to pick me up with my lads in the car, so i told him i was going. He wouldnt let me leave as te bar was still open, so i had to invite the family in to have a drink with him, and by the end of the day it was just me and my family, Eyresy, Darren Sheridan and Darrens mate left in the bar till they shut it. He spoilt my kids rotten and was signing all sorts of stuff for them which they were amazed at.


A true legend in every sense of the word.

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Undoubedly one of my favourite 3 Latics players along with Palmer and Stitch, and agree totally that he is one of the nicest, most genuine blokes I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. My wife bought me his signed shirt from the play off game at QPR as a wedding present (which I thought was a damned impressive pressie!).


I spotted him a few years back shopping with his missus in St Ann Square which is where I work. I said hello to him as I walked toward him and he stopped to speak to me, and I (being nearly 30 at the time) clammed up like a star struck schoolboy, and then blurted some incomprehensible guff about the game at the weekend or summat. Felt like a right d**k afterwards! :blush:


I was lucky enough though to be sat back to back with him at his benefit dinner at the Avant, and after the meal we both turned our chairs round to face the speakers - so ended up sat side by side, and had a good laugh with him for a good portion of the evening, taking the mickey out of the speakers, most notably Stitch (who of course signed him), and out of one or two guests who were considerably worse for wear, most notably Shaun Garnett who was absolutely puddled! :wink:


Lovely, lovely bloke!

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Never met him, but will gladly recall my 2 favourite eyresy goals... after both I cheered so loud I thought I would explode...


1. Playoffs at Home V QPR...

2. Vs Tranmere in the Former Johnstones Paint Trophy (whatever it was at the time) - amazing, half volley from 5 yards inside the half way line - have that you bin dippers!


A true latics hero - wish he could have played till he was 50 - he deserved to....

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Wrexham away, opening day of the season. 3-3 draw. One of the best goals i've ever seen. Quality.


And, who could forget his free kick against Stockport away.


There's plenty of Eyresy moments. Easily my favourite player of the last decade.

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How many right backs were ready and waiting for his trick, only for him to show it them anyway and leave them on their arses? I'd like to see a breakdown of where his goals came from, it's an exceptional rate for a genuine wide player even considering he took set pieces. His goal v Chasetown was a late reminder of how lethal his finishing was when he got inside. Stands with Shez as our outstanding player of recent years IMO.

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He was a player you could look to if you needed something special.


Here is a good one to try, list any recollection of headers / tap ins. I personally can't remember any, though I'm certain he scored with his head for us.

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I'll always remember Huddesfield away when we were singing "Happy Birthday to you" to Eyresy as he was warming up. You could tell he was made up by the gesture. Top geezer.


He remembered my son's name after he was a mascot for the Tottenham Carling Cup game a couple of years back - we played Colchester the following Saturday (another great goal scored by the man in that game). He saw my son near the tunnel when going off after the warm up, acknowledged my then 7 year old by name, and asked how he was. My son was smiling for a week after that, and his mates were jealous that Eyresy "knew" my lad!

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Sunday Mirror, Sep 26, 2004


GREG HALFORD cancelled out veteran David Eyres's opener to earn Colchester a point.


The Latics were hit for six by Tottenham in midweek, but 40-year-old Eyres gave the Boundary Park faithful something to cheer when blasting home a 35-yard free-kick midway through the first half.


But Halford headed home Kevin Watson's cross in the second half and although Oldham striker Jermaine Johnson nearly snatched a winner in added time, an even contest ended all-square.


The goal he scored in that game is one I'll tell my grandkids about.


From the Chaddy I was directly in line with it - flew in the top left-hand corner and the place (well, I did, not sure about anyone else B)) went mental.


Bloody legend.


And how fitting that he scored in his last game.


Does't he coach now?


Get him back at the 'Latics. It's the least we could do. Other than naming a stand of the new ground after him.


Keep the Faith

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What can you say about David Eyres, Top bloke, my daughter who plays footy modelled her game on his and also stalked him :blink: for five years he spent at the club( she was only 10 when he arrived) and became good friends at the same time.

She got quite a few shirts down the years off him, her most treasured being the white one from the Crystal Palace game the original one he wore not the one the club auctioned.

My memory was when he agreed to present trophies at the Oldham Girls League Presentation Night. He drove from his home in St.Helens and stayed chatting and signing Autographs until 10:15pm all for the pricely sum of nothing.



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Tafkan, I have the shirt that he wore at the 'udders game.


I was on his committee for the dinner and got to meet him a lot.


Undoubtedly the most genuine person I have ever met that is involved in football.


He is a long way from being my Latics hero, but as a genuine all round good egg you will have to travel some distance to find anyone that even comes close.


Dan, I forgot about the pish up we had after the dinner until silly o'clock. Me, Nik, Tony W, Stan, Hudson and Barry with Eyrsey and his agent.


Top bloke who I still keep in touch with, he gets me tickets every now and then to go and watch him. Though of course this season I have been a little busy watching the mighty.





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Top man. Way too many memories of him.


Most recent being only Saturday night! Coming back from Arctic Monkeys gig in Liverpool and ended up speaking to two PNE fans on the train back. Mentioned his name and that was it, they had more songs for him than I think we have altogether at Latics! We should have asked Preston fans years back what they sung for him they had loads. These two lads held him in the very highest regard.


Mentioned Gregan and even though he was club captain when they won promotion, they seemed happier to talk about Eyresy.


My Dad does a lot of work in the Preston and Burnley areas and inevitably ends up talking about football to people there and they say when he goes back to do half time draws etc he gets standing ovations every single time.


Definitely in my top three players in the last ten years alongside Shez and Dux.

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