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Scotty Vernon Goal v Citeh!


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goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal



Still vividly remember that goal, and the night out that followed in Oldham. Unbelievable. I was just as drunk as the clubbers, and I was supposed to be working :grin: Bit like the night we stayed up, and I saw Dan and Lisa, when I was working, and I could barely stand up I was that drunk :grin:


Not suprising the female city fan I was seeing at the time, finished with me about two month's after that game. Things started to go down hill after that. Then again. She was sat next to me in the Paddock, and I did pretty much take the pish out of her for the entire 90 minutes about how her beloved Citeh were getting d1cked by ickle Owdum! :grin:


Happy Days.

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I can't express how much I love David James. A Latics Legend if ever there was one.


Ah, David James! He kept us in the Premier League when playing for Liverpool, by letting us score direct from a corner. The ref covered up the same mistake from him against Citeh in the Cup, by giving an unwarranted free kick.

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