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How to…? Insert Links Into Your Posts!


Links are a great way to add depth to your posts, telling other members where you got the story/information from and making it easier for them to find it should they want to read more about it.


First, you will need to copy the link you wish to insert.


Go to the web site you want to link to (in a separate window to the one you are using for OWTB) and select the entire link you want, by dragging your mouse over the text so that it is highlighted.


This is the URL, and is most often found at the top of the window, once selected right click on the text (if you click somewhere off the text you will have to re-highlight it) and then click 'copy'.




Once you have copied the URL you want go to your OWTB post. Select wherever it is you want the link to appear in your post – having already written the text you want to enter.




Once you have selected where you want it to go click on this button:





And then paste (Right click, and paste) the link you copied into the window that pops up and press OK, making sure that you only have the 'http://' text at the start appearing ONCE and not twice! Now, in your post, you should see something similar to this:





Note how 'here' is now encased in the link to the website. If you want to add additional links into your post you can now repeat the process, making sure you copy the new URL, don't just add in the same one over and over.



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How to…? Add Links To Images!


It is also possible to add links to images. So, for example, if you have got an image from another website and you want to acknowledge it is not yours you can link back to the original.


First, insert an image, following the OWTB guide (here) if you need to. You need to treat it as normal text which you want to link to another site. So first copy the URL from whichever site you want to link the image to and then come back to your post.


Select the text (IMPORTANT NOTE! Select all the 'tags' (which are the sections) or else it will not work): link_help_6.jpg


Now follow the steps above, clicking on the 'link' button and pasting in the URL you wish to link to. You should be left with this:




The above looks quite complicated… but you can see in sections that it is in fact quite simple.




The original image URL is in the centre (just as before it was the word you had selected) and now the link to the outside site will be the actual image itself.



Please feel free to use this thread to practive linking both words and images to other websites and if you have any questions you can PM me or post them in this thread below.


Good Luck,


The OWTB Team

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